Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Oh man.....snakes.....One thing I am really really scared life. Even its mention gives me goose bumps...

Today I was fast asleep in the morning and it was around 4.30 am.....when my mother woke me up and told me to come out of the room......I thought it must be around 8 am or something and she had something exciting to show.....BUT...........

She told that there is a snake in your room....and we saw it and now can't find it....... I got totally paranoid and just disappeared from there and went to the other room to sleep..... And entered my room only when got a confirmation that snake was gone......

P.S.: Once I saw snakes in my dreams and I jumped in my sleep totally scared......And ask Ms. RK to know about my phobia@snakes.....

Friday, June 8, 2007


Today (08.06.2007)….is exactly eight years since I had embarked on my journey from Dibrugarh to Delhi with a hope to find a new life, to reach new horizons, to face the unknown challenges… and many more……

And today exactly (coincidently) after 8 years I am back home (only for a vacation… though)…. after almost completing my education….

These 8 years have given me scores of experiences; have gone through countless incidents… It has been a journey full of emotions….. happyness, sorrows, depressions, elations, love, hate, frustrations, satisfactions, success, failures and the list goes on…..But each of these emotions has given me something to learn from…..

I thank GOD and my parents (once I deeply regretted why I left Dibrugarh…) for giving me the opportunity to go out of a small town to a mysterious world… otherwise I would have never got a chance to experience what I have in these eventful 8 years of my life….

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Dancing at SHIAMAK….. One of the things I did with total determination and was really passionate about it….

I was enjoying it and was moving ahead in it……but then NID happened….and I had to leave SHIAMAK in between to join NID…. ( kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta…)

Thought Ahmedabad will have SHIAMAK and will join again…but I was disappointed…and therefore mailed SHIAMAK himself requesting him to think about opening a center in Ahmedabad….

And after 2 years when I have left Ahmedabad…they have finally opened a center (I don’t think it’s because of my mail…hhahha...) this is what you call Destiny…..

Whenever I see Shimak students performing on the stage on television…. or a student in a Shiamak t-shirt or infact any news on his Dance Troops….I really miss not being a part of SHIAMAK anymore….and see no scope in future to be back again……

Minutes@Train Meeting

On my journey from ahmedabad to delhi, I met few people in the train.....who were highly educated and big personalities......They all were having big talks but i kept myself out of it......and acted like a silent listener....

One was ex PA to the Honorable Railway Minister, one was a big BusinessMan in Ahmd, one was management consultant to Lintas, Nicholas etc...and one was studying at PGI, one can imagine the intense discussion they must have had...

And here are the minutes of the meeting:

1. To open a helpline service on How to leave INDIA.
2. Have reservation in Upper Class.
3. Withdraw from the system and be least bothered.
4. Government has all the power and one can do nothing.
5. Don't tell me about the problems of the country(we discuss that all the time), but tell me 5 things you can do.
6. Always pray to the person whom you look upto, has the qualties you want to posses.... things will be all fine....
7. Do the best and try to be AN ICON in your field.
8. There are 3 types of targets: Immediate, Intermediate and Final and all should go hand in hand.

P.S.: rest I dont remember and ya PA was very irritating.....

Monday, June 4, 2007

@The Last Supper

Saturday: No Dinner Night in the Mess…..a reason to escape from the monotony of the campus and from the same boring food of the mess day after day…. (It’s not that boring Mr. AM)… Every alternate Saturday’s use to be no dinner night and that would give all of us a reason to get together and go out for dinner…..more than dinner a reason to go out and enjoy the outside world (as we people are so stuck within the campus…Mr. A I agree with you we should have gone out more often….)

During these vacations, we all staying to back to complete our pending work and the mess closed over the vacations, we had no option but to go out for dinner almost everyday though we ordered for Dabbas at times….( at times..."Thank God mess is closed")

Eating out in the city of Ahmedabad…. Has been a great experience. Starting from finding a place where to go, asking seniors for suggestions, and then arguing on where to go considering everybody’s preferences or the majority…. Last minute changes of plans, getting decked up for some special dinners, waiting in a long queue to have food at our favorite places (Especially Curries)… Managing the Gujju crowd (No offence) and many more things….

Eating out at dinner has been special for each one of us (I think so…) Enjoying the delicious cuisines of Manik Chowk, Gujju food of Vishala and Green House, Salads at Celladeatry and US Pizza, Burgers at McDonalds, South Indian at ShreeDarshani and Sankalp…..and many more and above all our favorite Amardeep (Homely food and cheap, best option during vacation).

Enjoying the numerous cuisines has always been there, but over and above it has been more about the time we spend together over the dining table… All the gossips, chit chats, *****ing about the people on the next table, commenting on people around, acting like total fools, creating nuisance and a lot more….. All these gave us a peace of mind, a reason to relax, bring our dead cells back to life, and see the world outside (Bored of looking at the same faces everyday in the mess)….

It’s almost 2 years that I have been here in this city of Amdavad….the number of times I have gone out to eat has been uncountable… (Hardly went out in my previous college).

Have enjoyed most of the times…..has been a great experience…an experience that is worth remembering for life... (We still giggle over most of our outings….)

And finally yesterday was my Last Supper with my friends (missed who all were not there) here in Ahmedabad… Last Supper before I depart from my lovely lovely friends, into a new world….the world which is cruel, where each one of us, ready to kill the other to move forward in life… (Even just a thought of this gives me shivers. . .). Don’t know when I will get another chance to have dinner with these friends…. (Hopefully soon on Ms. P’s wedding)….I will take this opportunity to thank each one who was part of those wonderful outings…Thank you all for being there….

P.S.: Thanks all for coming for dinner yesterday……and making it a reason for me to write a post….hahahahaha