Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Glimpse@Dibrugarh

A small little City,
In some corner,
Trim and proper.

City of Tea Gardens,
Wherever you go,
The aroma follows.

Land of Brahmaputra,
Mighty and fierce,
Always flowing with pride.

Earth is wet,
Thanks to Rain God,
Totally unpredictable.

Always connected,
Via various modes,
Can never get lost.

Community of all,
Co-exist in harmony,
Inspite all chaos.

Gurukul or University,
Abundance of Knowledge,
Still to be explored.

Lots to prove,
But not far behind,
With plenty to look AHEAD.


We say "Chanda Mama" and at the same time we sing "Chand sa roshan chehra..." haven't ever understood the funda behind this...wondering!!! Hmmmm

Monday, December 17, 2007

News@Life Partners

Past few months have been all about people (especially friends) coming together…… coming together as life partners….soul mates…. Finally deciding to be one…. Some waited for family approvals and few for something else…. But things as of now progressing on a happy note… good to hear such news every now and then…. They are shocking at times…. totally unexpected…some obvious and some already known. Overall, good and pleasant surprises… hmmmm and some really need to hurry up and find their age is no more on their side...hehehehe

P.S.: Next year is going to be the year of engagements….AR and I will keep clapping………hhehehehe

Friday, December 14, 2007


Selfish is an extremely difficult word to interpret…. It totally depends on an Individual….or how you perceive it…

Is it the situation that makes people selfish or is it forceful or it’s by choice...?

What is the adjective selfish is it about:-

- Totally getting blinded in order to achieve one’s desires.

- Is it that we neglect others for our own benefits?

- Just respecting one’s own wishes and ignoring the others’.

- Taking help from others and then forgetting it.

- Be chooooo…sweet when you need help…..

- Always being nice to people so that you can get help when in need, is this selfishness….or you deserve it.

- Why help somebody? So that you can expect help in turn…is this selfishness?

- What do you do, when you are in a tight spot, act selfish or think about the one on the other side.

- To do things in the manner, those suit you the best…and overlook others. But what’s harm in getting things your way….. Is this selfishness…?

- You like being with someone, for your emotional needs….isn’t that selfish….

- What’s the harm being selfish to achieve what you dreamt of, what you craved for the most?

- Isn’t it insecurity of something that makes you selfish…

So much of contradictions….so many conflicting many connotations…..

Till what extent can you call, “it’s a selfish act…?” What’s the degree of selfishness?

How does one create a border line…. There is a very thin line…..though some acts are obvious but some very difficult to decide… can some be called conditional….???

I think the above all is very confusing, still wondering how to define THE ADJECTIVE.


Saturday, December 8, 2007


Yesterday, after we decided to go for dinner very late in the night, around 10.35 pm, we were very doubtful of getting any place that would serve us at this time…. But we still decided to go out and give it a try…. We went to a place called KUND…. But the waiting was too much, we still waited for sometime, finally gave up. Decided to go home as we were sure we won’t get food any where at this moment… On the way back home, we came across the restaurant called VILLAGE and decided to give another try as we were totally not in a mood to eat at home….

We went up and asked the manager if it was still open…. It was almost 11, the closing time for all the community places in Bangalore (its sad …….). The manager was not sure that if they could allow us and then he said you people have to leave by 11.15. I was like “dinner in 15 mins”…. The manager asked us to order fast and eat even faster… and we replied with “you have to serve fast”… They were like No Problem.

We went and set….and in 25 minutes we were through with the dinner……with ordering, eating and paying…….the fastest meal in a restaurant I ever had…… yuuuuummmmm...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Review@Aaja Nachle

Return of the Queen of Bollywood…..The hype, the aura behind it has been just remarkable. Any TV channel you surf, any newspaper you read, radio stations, websites…all chanting about The Million Dollar Smile Diva….of the Indian Film Industry. Her come back to the Hindi cinema almost after 7 years……has taken the Indian citizens by storm…. Everyone, movie lovers across almost all age groups have been waiting for her return to cinema, like never before….

And after I saw the movie, I can say she didn’t let down anyone…. She looked outstandingly gorgeous as ever except few places where you could make out her wrinkles…. And her daaaancing was just better than ever before…. The thing that was really weird was when she gets the sets; daaaancers and everything arranged in a day’s time….for her comeback show at Shamli….

The movie is a typical, happy go lucky type…. Every bad thing is followed by a good thing…. Following the philosophy of life….. Though the plot is very predictable but the innocence in the movie made it nice….all the characters looked very natural…..though everyones’ full potential was not explored.

The Dance was amazing in the movie…. The end performance was just brilliant..... The theatre look that they have portrayed is really nice…..

Overall the movie is pleasant and worth watching……..

P.S.: And coincidently I went with a friend whose name was Shamli too….. hhehehe