Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Glimpse@Dibrugarh

A small little City,
In some corner,
Trim and proper.

City of Tea Gardens,
Wherever you go,
The aroma follows.

Land of Brahmaputra,
Mighty and fierce,
Always flowing with pride.

Earth is wet,
Thanks to Rain God,
Totally unpredictable.

Always connected,
Via various modes,
Can never get lost.

Community of all,
Co-exist in harmony,
Inspite all chaos.

Gurukul or University,
Abundance of Knowledge,
Still to be explored.

Lots to prove,
But not far behind,
With plenty to look AHEAD.


Aparna said...

tum to sentiya gaye ho munna!! tum hi dibrugarh ki shaan ho !

आशुतोष कर said...

arpit.dip ....jindabad ....bhai kuch local elections hone wala hai kya????? waise nadiya kinare sayari aachi hai ......