Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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Saturday, December 27, 2008


The traffic has increased many folds since I stepped for the first time in the historic city almost 4 years back. Few years back (as per my observations) there were hardly any traffic snarls, jams or anything... but today the scene is totally different. The number of vehicles on the road have just been on a constant rise and with no infrastructure to support it, Ahmedabad is on it's way of becoming yet another typical city of India where Traffic Chaos is a part of every commuter's life.

Residents with very little traffic sense, helpless traffic police and streets under construction all the time for civil work, the situation is one of misery.


It really hurts when people disrespect your love and care for them. Its painful.

By Anonymous

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


VS appeared from no where to everyone's surprise... I was totally shocked when I saw VS, seemed like an illusion to begin with and then had to hug for some good 5 minutes to realize that someone is back. But still couldn't believe and pinched myself.

It was one of the best surprises I have got in my life.. may be the best... totally shocked...

P.S.: Finally, after so long this surprise was able to bring a genuine smile on my face.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


* "Blame it on your LUCK for anything wrong that happens in your life"

* "Commonsense is most uncommon"

By Anonymous

Monday, November 24, 2008

Experience@Rann of Kachchh

The Great Rann of Kachchh is one of the most magnificent landscape I have ever seen in my life till date. I have been in Ahmedabad for almost 4 years now, but never got a chance to see the Rann and it was like 'yet so near yet so far'...

Requesting some 100 people to tag along with us for the trip and after listening to equal number of nos, this weekend finally MM, MK and myself decided to go for it...

The Rann of Kachchh is a seasonally marshy region, the flat desert of salty clay and mudflats. The area was a vast shallows of the Arabian Sea until continuing geological uplift closed off the connection with the sea.

The Rann seems like a vast land of snow inhabited by no one. There was literally no one, no 'LIFE' but only 3 of us and the taxi driver. It had no trace of living organisms other than few dead insects. The place was insanely quiet and one could hear nothing, just the breeze. The only thing visible was the white land till infinite.

Its one of the most spectacular sight ever imaginable and a great gift of God to nature. This is a place worth visiting in one's lifetime and I am sure there will be no regrets at all. It was like a DREAM.....

P.S. : Best time to visit is from Nov-Feb

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Got an unexpected scrap from a friend on Orkut, saying that "call me on this number, have something very important to tell you..."

As usual I didn't have balance on my phone, so gave him a missed call. He called me back after few minutes. I received his call and his first line was " Oye kaisa hain, I am getting married" and I was like "whattttttt..........yeh kab hua..."

More than getting surprised by the good news, it was listening to his voice after almost seven years... Never spoke after we left school.

The best part about the call was that we could connect instantly. While speaking it never felt that we had not spoken for soooo long or haven't met. He invited me for his wedding and I said "yes I will surely come..."

P.S: There are times when you talk to friends/people after years & you don't feel the gap and there are times even when you talk almost everyday you still don't feel connected...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


"I am bored of being bored"

By Anonymous

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


'Words can do wonders, but when interpreted without emotions can cause blunders'

By Anonymous


It’s everyone's duty to be sensible and responsible for the environment and the surroundings especially the Designers. Designers tend to be more conscious about the environment and they are supposed to work towards making it better.

May be all designers are not expected to be sensible but atleast ones who have gone through formal design education should be responsible enough?

But when you see fellow designers who are insensible, it’s very disheartening.

They don’t bother to pick up their plates, glasses, not switch off lights and fans, litter all over, not disposing waste, leaving the taps open and so on... May be we think “If one person doesn’t do it, its not going to matter” But imagine if everyone thinks in the same line its going to be terrible… People should also realize that when they leave their plates/ glasses etc. etc. behind, they are others who are going to use the same place. Just think “Will you ever sit in a place which is full of litter?”…

We designers keep talking ‘this should be this, it should be that and blah blah’… and blame others for not being responsible. Have we ever looked at ourselves, before putting it on others???

Friday, November 7, 2008


Today I would like to revisit the main motto behind this blog... 'GOSSIP'

I will take this opportunity to announce the LAD05 gossip magazine 'PINK PAGES' to be launched in future.... we waiting for the astrologer to give us a SUBH MUHARAT... :P

I can't mention the contents of the magazine as its confidential till its launched. So I am sorry there is no gossip as of now.

But I would like to thank all who are the part of the team.

Editor in Chief: AA
Editor(QA): AR
Illustrator: TF
Graphics: RK
Stylist: KG
Marketing: NS
Stalker: MK
Photography: AM
Reginal News: PK
Production: SP

We all are really looking forward to the launch...Hope 'PINK PAGES' is able to see the light of the day..... Thanks everyone for all the support :P Love you LAD 2005


'Playing Hide and Seek'

I count to 10 one for each,
to choose a spot and there quickly reach...
I walk around, looking for signs,
who's left behind their trail lines...

Hearing loud laughter I've spotted one
who lives life 'seriously' through a lot of fun...
The bubbly energy splitting thru
sweet melody leads me to player two...

The coolest one, with a face so calm
running from the lizard that will do no harm...
Heard on the phone with 'woh'
and I knew I've got four...

In search for the perfect mix
atleast some of the whole thirty six...
I didn't look far to find my mate
call it destiny or simply fate...

Looked all over, heard not a sound
finally reading a big fat book the seventh was found...
Playing solitaire was the goodie goodie
responsible, helpful and hardly moody

Ring laden finders and hair so fine
'kissing cudling huggin' was nine :)
Kama or in the mood for zen
in the 'mess' I found ten!

Independently I walked, following their trail,

Left behind my footprints deep not pale,

The game’s over, we walk into the horizon

Together we are the incredible eleven.

By Teamea Francisca

This is a tale written by one of my classmates, it is about how she perceived each member of LAD 2005 batch.

Today is 7th November 2008 and exactly a month to go for our Convocation. I thought it was the right day to post this. This tale talks about each member in a very subtle way which makes it even better... only people who know the members of LAD 05 closely can guess who is who......


"I Believe in God, because I believe in Destiny and God decides the Destiny"

By Anonymous

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It was a predictable, if slightly delayed, ascent. Sachin Tendulkar stands atop cricket’s Everest but he isn’t looking down at the cricketing world. That would be unlike him for he looks upon this game as a vehicle of fulfillment, as a servant rather than a master. There is a delicious irony to it. One of the most humble devotees of the game is, himself, an idol to so many.

Of course he knew he was going to get there. Elbows and ankles and many lesser known joints that he brought into public consciousness were the only hurdles. He has always maintained that if he played enough he would get the record. And so away from the public eye, in these last two or
three years he worked on getting his body back into shape. Each time it was a more uphill battle than before, each time the odds against him returning as an equally good cricketer diminished, but he kept trying. He winced and he grimaced but his commitment to the game he loves saw him through. Tendulkar’s phenomenal success lies as much in toil and perseverance and such hardy qualities as it does in the many gifts he has been bestowed with.

Yesterday, he needed only fifteen and instead of laying out a red carpet, Mohali did better. Daljit Singh gave him an excellent wicket to bat on; where the ball was coming onto the bat and where shots could be played. This is where, these days, we see the original Tendulkar; on slow, low pitches where he has to bat to save a match he is like a miscast ac
tor. Even there he delivers his lines, comes prepared, does what he has to but that is not him.

He would have loved the fact that he got to the record against Australia. They seek his wicket, the Aussies, they don’t give him an inch, but they respect
him mightily. Earlier this year in Australia, he got a standing ovation at every ground he played on and admitted later that it moved him enormously. Now he got 88 and showed he can still bat!

An irreverent young generation, in a hurry to erase leg
end, will have to wait longer! He is still only 35 but because he started so young, and couldn’t sign a tour contract till he had scored three Test hundreds, it seems he has been around forever. Only very few are given the opportunity to spread such cheer.

On his first tour of England, he batted against Eddie Hemmings who started his first class career seven years before Tendulkar was born. Now he shares a dressing room with young men who were in their nappies, or sometimes found even those unnecessary, when he scored his first century! But the zest, the limitless energy, the obsession with cricket hasn’t dimmed. That, in itself, is extraordinary.

All his life he has had to confront mighty expectations; his own, which are scary, and those of his adoring fans which are probably scarier. It is a burden all great men have to carry and only some do lightly. Everytime he has dropped a notch, India has moaned. We put up with corruption, don’t mind poor toilets, manfully live through terrorism, but cannot allow Tendulkar, in the end just a man, to fail occasionally. And yet the same people have loved him like no other cricketer in the history of the game has been loved.

The incomparable Don Bradman became part of folklore because he brought cheer to the people in depressing times. History has brought such depression upon us again as people see their savings evaporate, seemingly harmless cyclists become human bombs.

There is much misery in our times. But there is also Tendulkar who you know will be earnest and honest in his effort; who will let you forget your existence for a while, playing a real man in a real world.

Only very few are given the opportunity to spread such cheer. Through diligence and toil, and magical ability, Sachin Tendulkar has done that.

P.S.: This article was written by Harsha Bhogle for Times of India on the occasion of Sachin breaking yet another record, may be the most important of his career so far...the record of maximum run getter in test cricket.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


"Life will have many setbacks. People close to you will hurt you. But you don't break it off. You don't hurt them more. You try to heal it."

From the book 'the 3 mistakes of my life'

Thursday, October 9, 2008


"You cant always do things for which you feel and you always don't get to do things for which you feel."

By Anonymous

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Recently I have been surviving only on one word called 'HOPE'....

Friday, September 26, 2008


One small incident (+ve or -ve) can influence you and everything around you. Be it one's mental state, work, behaviour and so on....basically life in general...

Why can't we have a control on the scale of the influence?


Confident - Overconfident
Indulge - Overindulge
React - Overreact
etc. etc. etc......................

When does one decide its 'Over' ???
Isn't it very subjective...?
And we are generally caught up in deciding,
thus, making things complicated....


"Change is constant and inevitable

It can happen any moment,

Without a prior notice,

Minimal to drastic,

For good or bad,

Triggered by a wonder or a blunder."

Monday, August 25, 2008


Why, most of the times there is a thin line between two things, why can't it be thick.


"I respect people whom I like"
"I like people whom I respect"

By Anonymous

Friday, July 25, 2008


Three years back, had no clue where was I standing in life and what was I going to do in life....
But three years down... atleast I can proudly say I am a NID graduate.. and I thank you all....for all the support...especially my classmates and family... It was my dream to be in the premier institute of design in India.... and now that I am done with my final diploma jury.... I feel a sigh of relief... but still have a long long way to go in life...........

P.S. : Also will like to thank all my friends.... who have been there for me....


Yesterday was my final diploma jury....
And I received one of the best compliments of my life so far....from the external member in the jury panel. And it was:

" If I go back in life as a student, I would like to be in your shoes......"

It was really a moment that I am going to cherish forever....

P.S. Thanks a lot for the compliment Mr. AB

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Since childhood I have been a great fan of sports. Always loved sports be it Lawn Tennis, Athletics, Cricket, Football, F1, Table Tennis and many more..... Also played Table Tennis professionally, took part in school games and all. It was great fun playing, participating and watching others playing too... At times use to get goose bums watching sports, especially watching Tendulkar bat and Steffi Graf playing tennis. The excitement use to be at its peak.

But today things are not the same. Everything is so commercialized, so much money is in stake for the companies sponsoring the events, sports just seem a publicity medium for the various companies and brands. Things have started looking fake. Sportsmanship in players seem to fade with each passing day though exceptions are always there.

The biggest disappointment has been the match fixing scandals. Be it cricket, football, tennis etc etc., each sport is slowly and gradually getting into the grip of match fixing. Thanks to the companies who would like certain teams and players to perform, they have enough money to buy the other team to force a desired result.

Now a days players seem to just play for money, the feeling of winning for the country has seem to just disappear. Not all are in the same boat but with the way things are heading its not far that each one will be involved in it. I hope, its not this way. Because of all these speculations my interest in sports over the years has come down remarkably.

Even though players play with true spirits we have a doubt. Things have changed so much that we suspect everything. Its a horrible feeling.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Delhi can be called as city 'Under-construction'....Where ever you go, one can just see construction and more construction taking place... The whole Delhi NCR is gripped with the fever of construction activities be it NOIDA, Gurgaon, Faridabad etc. etc. and Delhi itself. The construction activities include roads, residential and commercial complexes, gigantic shopping malls, Metro Rail, flyovers and many more. With new projects coming up every day and being approved, seems that these activities of building blocks will just never end...... At the present scenario the Delhi NCR can surely be called as National Construction Region/National Concrete Region.......

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today's fortune: "Happy events will take place shortly in your home."

Waiting for the day....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Is having a firm opinion/point of view called stubborness ? ? ?

Friday, March 28, 2008


"A child gives birth to a mother'

was inscribed on a statue in Mumbai....

Monday, March 3, 2008


It’s really shocking when you get to hear the news that one of your very close ones or somebody’s close one is not going to live for long……It gives jitters… You start thinking… WHY???

It is even more shattering when you hear something like this for someone who has just managed to make his or her kids stand on their feet…and when the time has come for the kids to take responsibilities in life and see them blossom into a respected human being, the person is not going to be there to see the transition…. It’s a horrible feeling.

It almost makes me go onto my knees thinking about people, relatives and especially the dearest ones who are going to go through the pain and trauma after the person is gone. It makes me shiver imagining a situation which anyone will hate to even imagine in one’s lifetime…

And the worst is when you have the money or love or the strength to assure that things turn out fine, but still you are watching things happen as you can do nothing about it. Life can be so cruel. At times nothing, be it money, emotions or anything can help you turn things around. One has to accept the bitter fact of life. It’s easy to say…”accept the fact”, but only the person who goes through it will be able to explain how painful it is…

Saturday, March 1, 2008

@Final Words

Yesterday was my last day in office in Bangalore. Though will be working in Mumbai for next 2 weeks and after that I am done with my project.

I will take this opportunity to give a vote of thanks to people here at my company who have helped in my work and as well as a friend and for giving me a wonderful experience which I think I will remember through rest of my life....

Here, will thank 1st of all the immediate co-designers NS, IK and AS. I am mentioning them at the very first as they were the people with whom I interacted the most and have been in close proximity. They all have been a wonderful company. Thanks to them that I had fun at work, good laugh, shared ups and downs. Went through fights and arguments without much fuss. The best thing was that we all gelled in pretty well instantly.

Now I will like to thank PDF for first of all giving me the opportunity to do this project. Trusting me to deliver the goods. I hope I haven't disappointed her. It was an enriching experience to work under one of the famous jewelry designers in the country. On the whole it was nice though we had share of arguments, ups and downs. Thanks for all the support.

KS has been an idol of perfection. It was a privilege to work under somebody so experienced and organized. She must have gone through a million troubles in fixing and managing MPs and all other stuff. Time when she was flooded with PDIS and she had to revert back in no time. But she managed to do it almost with perfection. Thanks for all the support.

NA Thank You for taking all the trouble to make CADS without which I am sure it would have been just impossible. HP, G and K thanks for all the support.

SJ was good company. Though didn't interact much on the work front, still had nice experience working with her. Too had share of jokes and moments of fun. SJ thanks for all the good time and support.

Now its RM turn, Thank You RM for doing all the work which was not your job. You really managed it well with innumerable changes and all.

The BIG Bosses, Thanks SK and MT for the support and words of encouragement and motivation when the team really needed it.

BG, haven't interacted much with him, but whatever interaction happened, was fruitful and nice. Wish he was here for some more time. But USA calling, didn't allow it to happen.

Hanumantappa....Thanks for Black Tea every morning...and coffee's and tea's throughout the day... I think without which work would have never progressed. Thanks for keeping us afresh throughout the day.

Now rest of the Department, haven't spoken to them much than just one or two occasions, but it feels that have known them for quite sometime. Had few instances of fun at RK's Farewell though it was a bit formal. But Mysore was good fun. Wish could have come out more of the closed studio and interacted with you people more. It was really nice to be around with you all.

Overall it has been a GOOD EXPERIENCE, an enlightening one for sure. Went through tough times but with team's support all that became just a thing of past. Thank you all once again.

I am now eagerly waiting to hear the news Store Launch and finally it seeing the light of the day and go ahead to reach new heights of success and achievements.

And also wish the whole team that each one in the team does well for the company and for themselves and take team to greater heights. After few years down the line I can with great pride say that I was part of the team ONCE UPON A TIME.

P.S.: I am extremely sorry to each one of them who if had any bad experience with me. Really sorry. And no hard feelings for anyone.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


It feels as if I want to be in Bangalore for a few reasons ...and don't want to go back to the Institute for a few reasons...I don't want to stay in Bangalore for a few reasons and want to go back to the campus for a few reasons..... still trying to figure what are the exact reasons...........confused as always....

Friday, February 15, 2008


“We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy”

By Anonymous

“The key is to get to know people and trust them to be who they are. Instead, we trust people to be who we want them to be- and when they're not, we cry.”

By Anonymous

"It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it."

By Anonymous

"Those who trust us educate us."

By Anonymous

"Never trust a man who speaks well of everybody."

By Anonymous

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yesterday I had gone to attend a family f(x) of my relatives which was held in Ghatkophar … It was the naming ceremony of the new born kid in the family.

I was totally under dressed as I was going for the f(x) directly from the Office. So was already skeptical if I would look out of the place at the f(x). But then I had no option but to go the way I was.

On the way kept looking for a shop where I could buy a gift for the new born. But couldn’t find one and moreover got busy over the phone while in the auto, so couldn’t keep the track of the shops that passed by…So finally decided to give a money envelope.

As soon as I reached the venue I was greeted with surprise from one of my cousins. He was totally shocked to see me there and the next question he asked was “Are you Ghanti or Banti”?

I went in, to meet the bhabhi, the mother of the new born baby and the met 1-2 more relatives. They too had the same question “Are you Ghanti or Banti”? It’s so funny that this is only what they remembered about me. Then went to see the kid and met his father, the bhaiya. And after that moment I started feeling very strange, because relatives I met were gone to welcome others before I could even realize that I have met them.

And everything looked so formal. I went around finding somebody I knew, but couldn’t spot any and felt like a total stranger. Sat on the sofa wondering what to do… Went to munch something as I was starving. But every step I was taking I felt bizarre and very weird. Was just not feeling the part of the f(x). Just not able to relate to people around.

Then suddenly saw a recognizable face, got excited but contemplated 1000 times before I could decide whether to go and say hi to him. But finally when I saw there was no one around him I went and asked “Aapne Mujhe Pehchana Kya” and his instant response was “Of course”. I was totally overwhelmed and surprisingly he knew what I was up to in life as such and didn’t ask the same stupid question “which one are you?”

Chatted with him for a very brief time, he took me to few people whom I already knew and had seen them around but was not at ease to go ahead and speak to them. There too the same query “Are you Ghanti or Banti?” I was like……uffffff….But that is what people remember, as have hardly been in touch with them for years to give them a different perspective about life, beyond the identity part.

But still was not feeling comfy, nothing could make me feel at the place. Went to eat some more food and then decided its better I make a move. Said bye to the uncle who had said “Of Course” and I was off in a flash….

On the exit gate, there was this servant who works at the relative’s place who recognized me, gave a smile…. And he too told the person sitting next to him, “Iske Jaisa Bilkul Ek Aur Hain”….

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Surprise!!!........and reactions are like: Oh Shit, Wow, Oh I can't believe this, Oh no.......... and so on.

Surprises at times are pleasant, at times great and at occasions it can be a disaster.....But we all would want good surprises with a reaction that leaves an expression of shock on one's face....

Yesterday was another such occasion of surprise.... when I landed in Institute to wish a friend on her birthday..... She was totally shocked and her reaction "I can't believe this" ...and burst out into laughter.... and everyone around also where shocked expect AR who knew about it (Thanks AR you made it happen...Love you....). Even I was shocked equally at peoples' reaction.... totally zapped and didn't know how to react...... But overall it was a good fun....

One more incident that comes to my mind is, another friend's birthday, almost a similar situation, landed in the Institute early morning to wish her and her reaction "Is that You...Oh Shit"....

There have been many many other such incidents....right now I can recollect this two...which are the latest ones.....

Its nice to see people react and also feels nice within that one was able to make someone pleasantly happy with the surprise.... Gives a feeling of genuine satisfaction.....hmmmm

Also fun is preparing for these surprises and making sure that surprises remain surprises...

P.S. : Oh remembered another one....reached manipal with friends to meet a friend...reaction: "Oh Shitttttttt"....

Friday, February 1, 2008

@Brindavan Gardens

15 years ago..............when I had visited Brindavan Gardens in Mysore.... as a KID...was totally fascinated..... Vast garden with millions of flowers, innumerable fountains, huge dam, lights, musical fountains. All was really a great experience then......

Recently got a chance to visit this place again.....and got really inquisitive and excited to see the place after 15 years..... I am sure each one of us will get excited to see something after such a long period and a totally different perspective to look at the same thing.....

When I reached the Brindavan Gardens, the 1st thing I did was dropped my luggage in my hotel room, and went for a stroll around the gardens....trying to feel nostalgic, reviewing the changes that the place has gone through....

And was very saddened to see the flowers....there were hardly any compared to the millions then.... I was surprised....a garden of this stature has no flowers; a garden is always known by its flowers..... This led me to talk to one of the caretakers there.......... he told me that though tourists still flock this place like mad....but no one really now takes care of the garden.....there were countless people involved in the upholding the beauty of the place then but today the things have changed...

Then I was curious to see the Dam..... Went to see the Dam...and thought of walking on it.....but thanks to the police ....was not allowed, as visitors are no more allowed to walk on it....

Now I was eagerly waiting for the sun to set, for the dark....when the Garden actually looks the best.....with all the lights..........And surprisingly it hasn't changed much...still the lights made the place look beautiful....all sorts of fountains..... and there was still the same mad rush to see the musical fountain it was 15 years ago..........

One thing for sure, the evening made many ill maintained parts hidden in the darkness.

But it was really nice to be back...............................