Monday, November 24, 2008

Experience@Rann of Kachchh

The Great Rann of Kachchh is one of the most magnificent landscape I have ever seen in my life till date. I have been in Ahmedabad for almost 4 years now, but never got a chance to see the Rann and it was like 'yet so near yet so far'...

Requesting some 100 people to tag along with us for the trip and after listening to equal number of nos, this weekend finally MM, MK and myself decided to go for it...

The Rann of Kachchh is a seasonally marshy region, the flat desert of salty clay and mudflats. The area was a vast shallows of the Arabian Sea until continuing geological uplift closed off the connection with the sea.

The Rann seems like a vast land of snow inhabited by no one. There was literally no one, no 'LIFE' but only 3 of us and the taxi driver. It had no trace of living organisms other than few dead insects. The place was insanely quiet and one could hear nothing, just the breeze. The only thing visible was the white land till infinite.

Its one of the most spectacular sight ever imaginable and a great gift of God to nature. This is a place worth visiting in one's lifetime and I am sure there will be no regrets at all. It was like a DREAM.....

P.S. : Best time to visit is from Nov-Feb

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Got an unexpected scrap from a friend on Orkut, saying that "call me on this number, have something very important to tell you..."

As usual I didn't have balance on my phone, so gave him a missed call. He called me back after few minutes. I received his call and his first line was " Oye kaisa hain, I am getting married" and I was like "whattttttt..........yeh kab hua..."

More than getting surprised by the good news, it was listening to his voice after almost seven years... Never spoke after we left school.

The best part about the call was that we could connect instantly. While speaking it never felt that we had not spoken for soooo long or haven't met. He invited me for his wedding and I said "yes I will surely come..."

P.S: There are times when you talk to friends/people after years & you don't feel the gap and there are times even when you talk almost everyday you still don't feel connected...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


"I am bored of being bored"

By Anonymous

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


'Words can do wonders, but when interpreted without emotions can cause blunders'

By Anonymous


It’s everyone's duty to be sensible and responsible for the environment and the surroundings especially the Designers. Designers tend to be more conscious about the environment and they are supposed to work towards making it better.

May be all designers are not expected to be sensible but atleast ones who have gone through formal design education should be responsible enough?

But when you see fellow designers who are insensible, it’s very disheartening.

They don’t bother to pick up their plates, glasses, not switch off lights and fans, litter all over, not disposing waste, leaving the taps open and so on... May be we think “If one person doesn’t do it, its not going to matter” But imagine if everyone thinks in the same line its going to be terrible… People should also realize that when they leave their plates/ glasses etc. etc. behind, they are others who are going to use the same place. Just think “Will you ever sit in a place which is full of litter?”…

We designers keep talking ‘this should be this, it should be that and blah blah’… and blame others for not being responsible. Have we ever looked at ourselves, before putting it on others???

Friday, November 7, 2008


Today I would like to revisit the main motto behind this blog... 'GOSSIP'

I will take this opportunity to announce the LAD05 gossip magazine 'PINK PAGES' to be launched in future.... we waiting for the astrologer to give us a SUBH MUHARAT... :P

I can't mention the contents of the magazine as its confidential till its launched. So I am sorry there is no gossip as of now.

But I would like to thank all who are the part of the team.

Editor in Chief: AA
Editor(QA): AR
Illustrator: TF
Graphics: RK
Stylist: KG
Marketing: NS
Stalker: MK
Photography: AM
Reginal News: PK
Production: SP

We all are really looking forward to the launch...Hope 'PINK PAGES' is able to see the light of the day..... Thanks everyone for all the support :P Love you LAD 2005


'Playing Hide and Seek'

I count to 10 one for each,
to choose a spot and there quickly reach...
I walk around, looking for signs,
who's left behind their trail lines...

Hearing loud laughter I've spotted one
who lives life 'seriously' through a lot of fun...
The bubbly energy splitting thru
sweet melody leads me to player two...

The coolest one, with a face so calm
running from the lizard that will do no harm...
Heard on the phone with 'woh'
and I knew I've got four...

In search for the perfect mix
atleast some of the whole thirty six...
I didn't look far to find my mate
call it destiny or simply fate...

Looked all over, heard not a sound
finally reading a big fat book the seventh was found...
Playing solitaire was the goodie goodie
responsible, helpful and hardly moody

Ring laden finders and hair so fine
'kissing cudling huggin' was nine :)
Kama or in the mood for zen
in the 'mess' I found ten!

Independently I walked, following their trail,

Left behind my footprints deep not pale,

The game’s over, we walk into the horizon

Together we are the incredible eleven.

By Teamea Francisca

This is a tale written by one of my classmates, it is about how she perceived each member of LAD 2005 batch.

Today is 7th November 2008 and exactly a month to go for our Convocation. I thought it was the right day to post this. This tale talks about each member in a very subtle way which makes it even better... only people who know the members of LAD 05 closely can guess who is who......


"I Believe in God, because I believe in Destiny and God decides the Destiny"

By Anonymous