Monday, September 17, 2007


Bangalore has been my 1st occasion where I have gone hunting for PG….

Initially after a bit of struggle found an ok PG…..which was walking distance from the office….so was ok….

But without a proper notice was asked to vacate the PG one morning….and I packed my stuff in record time of 10 mins……hahahmmmm

But now with no where to go….tension was building on me to find a PG asap…

But it was Monday and didn’t have the time to go for a hunt…so spoke to the office people and asked them to arrange for guest house…and really kind of them that they allowed me to stay in the guest house for 5 days……Was a bit relaxed now but hunting was not over by any means….

So everyday after office would go for PG hunt….but in vain…rains spoiled it… as the end of 5 days was approaching I was getting paranoid….. “PG kab milega”

At the end of 5 days with no where to go still, asked for an extension at the guest house…and thank god…was granted permission…but only till Sunday…

So started hunting desperately on Saturday morning onwards…..calling N numbers of PG… hear all these….

“Where the hell did you get the number from”
“Wrong number”
“We have closed”
“Not available”
“No PG anymore”
“U need it for your son”
“Come next month”
“What is your budget?”
“Are you single?”
"Kab chahiye?"
"Come and book for later"

And many more…..just went crazy….calling and visiting PGs….it was totally maddening…and can’t even describe the some of the PGs…..ufff…….

(P.S.: Thanks to MK and her friends that finally got a chaat to stay under for next few months…before another stint for PG hunt starts…..)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Out of office,
On way back,
Walking along.

Felt slight drizzle,
Wishing it could hold,
Till I reach home.

Began the run,
But all in vain,
Caught in the rain.

Waiting to stop,
Under the top,
Hopping from one to other.

Only minutes away,
But couldn’t move,
Was getting late.

Decided to go for it,
Packed stuff in plastic,
Sprinted back home.

Got drenched,
All dripping,
Reminded of back home.

When it falls,
Unpredictable, unstoppable,
At no one’s mercy,
Keeping all stranded.