Thursday, September 13, 2007


Out of office,
On way back,
Walking along.

Felt slight drizzle,
Wishing it could hold,
Till I reach home.

Began the run,
But all in vain,
Caught in the rain.

Waiting to stop,
Under the top,
Hopping from one to other.

Only minutes away,
But couldn’t move,
Was getting late.

Decided to go for it,
Packed stuff in plastic,
Sprinted back home.

Got drenched,
All dripping,
Reminded of back home.

When it falls,
Unpredictable, unstoppable,
At no one’s mercy,
Keeping all stranded.


Aparna said...

tip tip barsa paani! eh?!

maithilikabre said...

hey!!..please re-do ur title!!..u can use all @....except @****!!..hehe